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Envisage Sneak Peak at ERP 2014

Sage 2014 is scheduled for General Release Mid March 2014, Sage are running a VIP roll out to customers currently and releasing patches to ensure that the product when released will be a solid release. If you have been holding out to upgrade or are keen for some of the new features then this year will be a great time to upgrade so ensure your support plus is up to date. You may ask how does Sage know what features to put in a product, well its from direct customer feedback. If you have been wanting a feature for some time, you have to ask and vote for it, see a great example here https://www11.v1ideas.com/Sage300ERP/Accpac/Idea/Detail/315  - 136 users voted and the feature is now planned.   If you need help using this page just contact your consultant.   Envisage Sneak Peak at some of the new features in ERP 300 2014 New Look and Feel new look and feel   Take a look at the new landing page.
  • A More clean, organized and intuitive screen
  • The new Ribbon bar to help customers to find relevant tools quickly and efficiently.
  • Modernized and redesigned the icons to make the Sage 300 ERP more intuitive as well.
  • The navigation tree to the right has been designed to align with the Microsoft standard that the vast majority of our customers are most comfortable with.
  • When you open an entry screen you will find that the screen is 30% larger. Sage 300 has been optimized to take advantage of the larger screen sizes most of our customers enjoy today.
  • New also is that any fields that are required as part of data entry are now visually identified with a black asterix to help new users learn the product more quickly.
  How to Tell Who is Using Lanpaks We’ve always had a screen accessible from the Desktop’s Help menu where you can get a list of the Lanpaks in use, and who is using them. However there was a fundamental flaw in this screen, namely that you needed to log on to the Desktop to access it and this required using a Lanpak. So if you were out of Lanpaks, you couldn’t log in and see who was doing what. Now if you run the Desktop, you can cancel the signon dialog and select Help – Current Users… This then will give you a signon dialog where you can signon specifically to see who is on the system without using a Lanpak. To demonstrate I did this on my laptop and the screenshot is below. lanpak   GL Transaction Listing spans multiple fiscal periods When printing the G/L Transactions Listing, you can now print a report that spans multiple fiscal years and periods. This has been a top enhancement request for many years. gl   Visual Process flows So the new Visual Process Flows in 2012 was great but you did not have a lot of flexibility. Now With Sage 300 ERP 2014, you can now add and run Crystal Reports, VBA Macros and arbitrary EXE programs just like you can directly from the bare Desktop.  Making these great tools for new users to speed up training and also to streamline processes.
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