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Excel Tip - combining data from 2 Columns (Concatenate)

So you may have 2 columns in your data and you would like to combine them into one column. For example you may have imported the Natural GL Account and then Sub Account numbers into separate columns of your spreadsheets and you want to combine them so you see the numbers combined.  This is called a Concatenation.   1 You can do this with a simple formula, I commonly goto Forumales, insert function select concatenate but the steps below are far simpler Using the &(ampersand) sign is the same as using the Concatenate function, but much simpler. Below is an example in column C, of where the Main Account and Sub Account numbers need to be joined into one cell with a /(forward slash) to separate the Accounts. Applies To: MS Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 1. Select the desired cell (C3). 2. Enter =. 3. Select the first cell to join (A1). 4. Enter in &. 5. If necessary, add any additional data that my not be found in a cell (“/”). 6. Enter in &. 7. Select any additional cells to join (B2). 8. Press Enter. 2   So this is a simple concatenation.

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