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How does Google SSL Changes affect You?

Whilst not my area of expertise this change caught my eye over the weekend and I wondered how many people are blissfully unaware of changes that could essentially make their website invisible to their clients. Clients who run webstores, or interact with customers will be most affected. So this post is a simple summary just to get this important issue on your radar.

Google started the process in January this year flagging sites that did not have a SSL certificate as being marked as unsafe.

Phase 2 of this is underway in October 2017 and now these sites will have warnings on pages that include:

- All HTTP pages where you enter data – even search boxes
- All HTTP Incognito pages

Approximately 50% of Internet users use Google Chrome as their browser, so what this means is that a lot of
 the audience you are trying to attract to your page could be deterred from using your page by a “not secure” warning.
 Google are worried about the following areas on your website;

* Authentication
* Data Integrity
* Encryption

So by doing this they are trying to help protect your clients data.

So if you don’t want to scare off your audience and wonder why your website traffic has dwindled to a stop you need to talk to
 your IT partner about getting an SSL certificate as soon as possible.

If you need any more info please don't hesitate to contact me at stacey@ebsol.com.au.
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