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How to add your own logo to a visual process flow

There is a default Sage Logo that is available to attach to a Visual Process Flow. The following steps show how to add a custom logo to a Visual Process Flow 1.     Open Sage 300 ERP 2012 and select "System Information" from the Help Menu vp 1 -system info 2.     Take note of the Program Directory path. 3.     Open Windows Explorer and browse to the program directory. 4.     Open the ..\Runtime\vpf\FlowCharting\xtec\sage_libraries\sage_basic\logos\main folder 5.     Copy your custom logo to this directory. 6.     Backup the list.txt file and then open the file in a text editor such as NOTEPAD 7.     Add your logo to this file {"name":"your logo name.jpg"} to this file.  in my example the file is called "envisage.jpg" vp9 So now if I went into sage and edited a Visual process flow   vp3 You will now be able to see your logo and add to the screen vp10
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