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If your ERP is not working then I have failed you!

Recently I have been visiting a few clients who have been long term loyal Sage clients, and I don’t actually get to see them very often.  I like to think that I have good relationships with my clients, I ask about their family and they know all about my crazy antics.

But it got me thinking, some of these sites implemented Sage when I started installing, which was around 1997, and then others replaced systems for the year 2000 bug or GST in the same year.

What this means is these systems were designed to run for your business over 10 years ago and your business needs would most definitely have changed.  What I note now is that very few have actually reviewed or done the undertaking of changing their system to meet these needs. Often clients believe the answer is to change accounting systems, with the thinking being that“obviously the one we have is not meeting our needs so it must be our system”.  Honestly though, how many of the current users in your organisation helped implement the system, or even had any training or when was the last time you asked about the product roadmap for the future. Maybe the problem is not the System, maybe the problem is in the way you are using it. This is where after some late night thinking I realised that this was all my fault.  If I had been a better consultant I would have told you to revisit your system rather than wait for you to ask. Maybe I should have come to you with a plan to retrain users.  You are considering moving system at a cost of over $100,000’s to your organisation and the answer could be a far cheaper one closer to home. There are disadvantages and advantages to both approaches, any new system will look Shiny and new but after the sales people are gone you may be left with a system that has the exact same issues as your existing.  Without reviewing your existing system, you can’t possibly make the right choice in replacing it.  Whilst you will be looking to fix your current weaknesses you will forget to ask if the new system will be able to do what your current system does strongly.  Don’t ever assume a feature is in the solution, you must ask if the system can do it. Remember the Saying "Better the Devil you know". Like I said this is all my fault, start with me, ask me what can be done better and if I don’t have the answers I will find someone who does.  If it turns out you need to look at a new system I will be honest, there’s no benefit to me to have sites that are not happy. I am also the best person to help you find a new one, you may not realise it but we can offer consulting services to do this, no-one knows your system and what to look for better than us. Don’t be afraid to tell us you are unhappy, we are on this journey together, if it turns out you need to go down another path we will shake your hand and wish you well, but let us help you as our advice could be invaluable and save you a costly mistake.  Over the years I have seen many organisations have new staff come in, buy new packages and they sit on the shelf collecting dust and the staff move on. I have broad shoulders but maybe its not all my fault, maybe its no-one's fault, but either way its worth looking into. Envisage also have other software offerings, so if you trust us come to us first, Sage X3 or Netsuite may be the solution you are after.
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