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MailChimp Drip Marketing in Sage CRM

This year has been a busy year for Envisage and in keeping to our commitment to continue building on our MailChimp integration for Sage CRM we are proud to announce the addition of drip marketing support to our product. What does this mean for you? Drip Marketing allows you to create staggered mailing campaigns or campaign that automatically send emails to your recipients based on how they interact with the email that you send to them. Do you have an email that you want to send to a group of customers announcing a conference and have a followup sent one week later? No longer do you have to manually trigger this process but you can now set up an automated campaign in MailChimp to handle this for you. Do you want to create a campaign and have it automatically send another email to all the people that click on a link that you’ve included in the campaign instead? This is also possible now through the Envisage MailChimp integration. How do you begin using the integration? If you haven’t used out integration before you can download a 30 day trial for free off our website. You can find the link for this here (http://www.ebsol.com.au/wp-content/downloads/envisage-products/EnvisageMailChimpIntegration.zip). The zip file includes an installer and instructions on using the integration. Feel free to contact us if you need help setting this up or more instructions on using the drip marketing, we're happy to install this on your system at no cost to get you up and running. I’m an existing customer, how do I upgrade to the new version? If you are an existing user of our MailChimp Integration you get the new version including the drip marketing functionality completely free of charge. We will need to install an update on your CRM to apply this change and can do this at no cost to you by connecting remotely into your server. Alternatively if you'd like to do this yourself we can give you the update and instructions so that you can apply this yourself. The future of the Envisage MailChimp integration We are continuing to improve and add to our MailChimp integration so keep an eye on our website for more updates in the future. If you have any key features that you would like added feel free to drop us a line and we’ll look into adding this in for you. If this is a something that we feel will benefit the rest of our customer base we can add this in for you so that everyone will be able to use your nifty new feature. MailChimp
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