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NetSuite - Blending ERP and CRM

Most users of modern systems today would be familiar with the terms 'CRM' and 'ERP'. These acronyms are thrown about in every system demo and presentation I've been apart of and the truth is every single business needs both CRM and ERP functionality. But sometimes running two systems (and sometimes three or four) is a cumbersome undertaking, especially if you are a user that needs features of both systems. Many software vendors offer separate ERP and CRM solutions that then integrate on some level. This configuration works for many organisations and these solutions are strong in those cases. However in certain organisations users may need both full CRM and ERP functionality at their finger tips at all times. NetSuite is such a system. NetSuite combines both CRM and ERP functionality all within the same user interface. This then exposes endless functionality avenues for combining processes that originate in CRM then end in ERP. For example - A user enters a potential customer as a lead record, they can then convert this lead to a customer and raise an invoice against the new customer without ever changing systems. This reduces the number 'clicks' greatly! And because all the data is contained in the same database, creating ERP and CRM blended reports and dashboards.  
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