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Not All Virtualization Is Created Equal

Not All Virtualization Is Created Equal The differences between vendor platforms are considerable, especially for smaller businesses. It’s important to choose wisely to achieve maximum agility and efficiency, the highest ROI and the most substantial reductions in IT overhead and complexity. The most mature, proven, and comprehensive platform. VMware vSphere is fifth-generation virtualization—many years ahead of any alternative. It delivers higher reliability, more advanced capabilities, and greater performance than competing solutions. VMware’s virtualization pre-eminence is recognized universally by analysts and overwhelmingly by the marketplace. High application availability. Purchased separately, high-availability infrastructure remains complex and expensive. But VMware integrates robust availability and fault tolerance right into our platform to protect all your virtualized applications. Should a node or server ever fail, all its VMs are automatically restarted on another machine, with no downtime or data loss. Higher reliability and performance. VMware achieves 2-to-1 and 3-to-1 performance advantages over our nearest competitors. Superior security. VMware’s hypervisor is far thinner than any rival, consuming just 144 MB compared with others’ 3-to-10 GB disk profile. VMware small hypervisor footprint presents a tiny, well-guarded attack surface to external threats, for airtight security and much lower intrusion risk. Greater savings. VMware trumps other virtualization solutions by providing 50 percent to 70 percent higher VM density per host—elevating per-server utilization rates from 15 percent to as high as 80 percent. Affordability. VMware is highest in capabilities, but not cost. Envisage is partnered with VMWare  vmware-partner-152
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