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Reasons to Upgrade to Sage 300 2017 or Sage 300c 2017

To answer why you should upgrade I have to explain something.  When Sage  released Sage 300 2016, Sage also launched a new product called Sage 300c. I think of 300c as the Mustang to the traditional version which is more like a ford (the steady and reliable family car), whilst ultimately still a car they fulfil the same purpose.  They are both the same Sage 300 that we know and love still getting you from the A to B of your Business Management solutions. The main difference from the standard Sage 300 product is that Sage 300c features a totally new and modernized user interface along with unique screen and desktop personalization options. The new interface is also designed around mobile technology so you get a more modern Sage 300 experience across multiple devices from your desktop or laptop to your mobile phone or tablet. sage 300 So why upgrade?, it's simple ~ You pay a lot of annual support plus and are entitled to the upgrade software.  You also have a responsibility to your organisation to stay on a supported version of software.  Sage support current and 1 prior version of software, so if you have any issues they wont be able to release service packs for your outdated version. You should also be keeping your technology platforms up to date. The most common reason users don't upgrade is that their IT infrastructure wont support it.  Most clients I talk to today rather than purchase new hardware are considering hosting solutions.  If you want more information on this then please don't hesitate to ask. So the next question to ask when considering the upgrade(existing users are offered either product as covered by support plus*) which one should I upgrade to? In short, Sage 300c offers a way to leverage new and modern web technology without a significant disruption to your current processes, workflow, and product familiarity, however not all third party products are compatible yet.  Also data entry in web screens is very different to the on premise application.  So please discuss this and check with your consultant first.  The best bit though is that you can roll out some users on the desktop application and some on the 300c, so if you are really undecided just do both !. The simplest summary that I have seen is the image below**  from Sage   top 10 reasons to upgrade This is just a brief overview of why you should upgrade. Should you want further information then please don't hesitate to contact me on stacey@ebsol.com.au Thanks for reading.  
  • *As it stands 4/5/2017  . Always check with your Sage Business Partner prior to making decisions.
  • ** please note that not all offerings are available in Australia.  Always check with your Sage Business Partner prior to making decisions.
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