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Review of Jarvis from a consultants perspective

Jarvis – Sage 300 ERP Global Search

  Have you seen Jarvis yet? If not why not! Jarvis the computer behind Iron man stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent system or as I like to say Search, and this definitely applies to this product. Seriously after implementing Sage for over a decade, one of the most common things I hear is “But I can search on anything in Quickbooks”. Well here is your answer.  I really think this product is a hidden gem and one of the most useful tools for a user.  Long term users have probably found ways around finding this info but nothing but could beat how quick and extensive these searches are.  The most powerful thing is to get straight to a document for reprinting. Imagine this scenario Customer A calls and says  I need a copy of invoice 61, now you run AR and OE so you are not sure where to look first, sure customer activity will find it but can it do it this fast. Open Jarvis Enter 61 in search field and see everything that Jarvis Finds jarvis1     Double Click here and magic I am straight away in the screen I need to reprint the document and emailing it to the client as we speak. jarvis 2 Now I have the settings turned to search everything but I could have restricted it, to make the search results have more relevant filters jarvis 3   So how easy was that!  A true Global search at your finger tips! Check out a demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Hwaw1OMS8 Contact Branko at branko@ebsol.com.au or your consultant for further information, or trial of this great product.
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