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Sage 300 2016 - New User Audit Report includes free version for pre 2016 Sage

We have starting rolling out Sage 2016 to our customers. When reviewing the Sage300_WhatsNew I noticed a reference to that fact that it now offers a new, more detailed User Authorizations report. The new report allows you to specify a range of users to include on the report, and it displays detailed information about all security authorizations granted to these users. Client often ask me for a report they can present to the auditors detailing what user access the users have. Below is an Example of the New Sage 2016 Report 2016 The new report also displays details about screen customizations specified in UI Profiles that are assigned to the users. You can still print the less detailed User Authorizations report that was available previously. Example Prior Version 6.3(2016)Report  - you will note it clearly lacks any informative detail of what functions a specific user can use current So this got me thinking as to  What to do if you don't have Sage 2016 yet but need a more useful report.  So I created one, okay its not 100% accurate as I have not gone through every application and added them to my fairly basic formulae  but you could easily do this in the subreport.  So I thought I would offer it up for you to use as a base template if you wanted and have made the report available for download at the bottom of the post. Sample of the Envisage User Report - note the similarities to the 2016 one as I may have used that as a base. pre 2016 So feel free to download this free user report supplied by Envisage Business Solutions but it comes with the Caveat that it is FREE and it is a good base for you to ad to.  Feel free to let me know how you go with it and if you have future suggestions.  Just remember its just a stop gap as you will have full access to this report once you upgrade to Sage 2016. users report Thanks and Good Luck Stacey
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