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Sage 300 - Speed Up Bank Reconciliation Screen

Do you sit and twiddle your thumbs waiting for your Bank Reconciliation screen to calculate or load.

One area that I have found over the past 20 years is that no one ever does maintenance on their reconciled 
bank entries.

As a means to test if this will be advantageous for you to do, create a test database and move your 
live data to it (database dump and database load).  Then try clearing the history and seeing if the 
speed improves and would be worthwhile running on live.

If you don't have a test database , ensure you have a good backup and watch your dates when 
clearing and you can run on live.  Please note once cleared there is no way to regain these entries.

Clearing Bank

-          Perform a back up first
-          Common Services>Bank Services>Periodic Processing\clear history

bank rec

-          You can then choose a date to clear to.

This can speed up the loading of the bank rec screen.  Even clearing to a year ago could have a significant 
impact on speed.

Please note in all honestly given my experience with sage for 20 years, the bank services module was 
very buggy until recent releases.  It has now definately stabilised and the anomalies created in the 
database no longer exist.

If you are still finding the bank reconciliation screen slow and very basic there are some great 
third party products out there.

Peresoft Cashbook is a more user friendly product, they also have just a auto reconciliation option 
Recexpress if you wish to upload bank recs to automate this process further.  

There is also another useful tool to combine your EFT Payments batches as one entry for reconciliation 
as one entry on the bank rec.

If you would like further information or have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me 
with any queries.

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