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Sage 300 Unable to export via Excel Format

Last Friday a client reported that they were unable to import a file that they regularly import to Sage 300, this file was IC Items.(seems to be isolated to Sage 2012 and lower versions at this stage). They received the following error.  “Description: Unexpected error from external database driver (1)” unexpected   So, the way I resolve issues is that I have to see it for myself, so I remoted onto the client site and did the following;
  1. Got the file from the client
  2. Took a look at the format - format looks good
  3. Logged onto System and tried to import file myself
  4. Same error appeared but I noticed I got the error before I even chose the actual file – So this is great I can replicate the issue
  5. To test whether it was a sage function or file format error I removed the client file from the equation.
  6. I went to IC>IC Items and tried to export a file to excel - Got the Error! - so this let me know it was nothing to do with the file format
  7. To be thorough I tried a different format – CSV . This worked.  Great issue is isolated to excel formats only(can offer client immediate temporary workaround)
  8. So quick search of google indicated this was something to do with an Excel Security update
  9. Checked with IT and sure enough updates applied to the server day prior
  10. Removed excel security update
  11. Tested file
  • Note usually I would ask if it works on another machine, but this client has a Terminal server environment so all users affected.
Solution: Sage Development Team is working on this.   The current workaround is to:
  • uninstall the security update for Windows 7 (KB4041681) and for Windows 10 (KB4041676)
  • select the import/export format to use Excel 2007 format.
Glad I worked it out as then over the coming week 2 more clients reported the same error and I could steer them in the direction of either updates installed on the Terminal server or the client workstation in relation to this issue.   If you need any help with Sage 300 or more information on this issue please contact me at stacey@ebsol.com.au   Thanks for listening.
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