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Sage Accpac "Entered By" - Hot Tips

Many times our Accpac customers ask us to track who actually entered a transaction. The Audit Fields are fine until a utility such as database dump/load is used and these fields often get updated to the user who ran the utility eg ADMIN, losing an important audit trail.

There is an automatic “entered by” field in Sage Accpac 5.6 OE orders, Sage Accpac AR invoices and Sage Accpac PO– can be found in the finder’s settings / column selection (at the very end of the list). Seems useful in the finder, also can print on reports – eg order confirmations, invoices, POs Carries through to the OE Shipment and OE Invoice screens as well (I think it retains the original Order entry person). It also carries down to AR and AP – and for any direct AR/AP invoices the field captures the entry user as well. Again, could be printed on Invoices, etc.

It is a hidden field initially you need to open the finder:
  1. Goto Settings.
  2. Columns.
  3. Locate the “Entered by” field and Click include (this will move it to the right hand side – the “Selected Fields”).
  4. Click "OK". Then it will be visible on the finder screen
Sage Accpac Finder Column Select Entered By Sage Accpac Finder Entered By
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