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Sage ERP 2012 Visual Process Flows

Sage 300 ERP has some exciting new features; I have to admit I installed it just so I could check out and play with one of these new features which is the Process Flows. The Visual Process Flows are a big step towards users being able to streamline their processing and make it easier for clients to learn processes. The process flows provide a clear view of the steps that’s needs to be followed while performing any activities and you simply click your way through the flow without having to remember where the icons are. Of course you could have customized your desktop to have a folder with just the icons you need but this is a lot more visual and fun. The standard flows that ship with Sage 300 ERP 2012 are An example of the AR Transactions flow is The best thing about the standard flows is that you can edit them all you need to do is right mouse click and select Edit.     You can’t overwrite the standard process flows and you will have to save new ones with a new title. Its best to get in the habit of saving them where the custom process flows are stored which is under the Sage 300 ERP programs folder i.e. Sage\Sage 300 ERP\ProcessFlow\ENG otherwise you may not be able to assign it to the users easily. You assign it easily to users so that different users can access different workflows. Below I created a new flow based on the bank recs, it’s not pretty but this took me about 5 minutes to modify without really any previous experience.  I added the POST GL step to send me to the GL Batch List so that the batches created by the bank rec could be posted (of course not required if auto posting turned on). At this stage I think a lot of users are going to love this feature and it will really make the product look sexy when demoing it, existing users who know the menu items make take some time to convert but I thinks it worth it in the long run.    
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