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Sage ERP 300 2012 - Tip and Trick

Ever wondered when entering Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable invoices if you could change how the Posting Date is generated. The posting date is the date that a document is posted to General Ledger, and it may be different from the document date. ARTip01 This distinction is particularly useful if you post a document to a different year or period from the document date, in the example that an invoice was located after a period was closed you don’t want it to affect already reported balances. You can select Document Date, Batch Date, or Session Date as the default posting date and from experience clients would prefer it default to Batch Date/Session Date, so they don’t have to manually change it on each entry. To change the default 1. AP or AR Respectively 2. Setup 3. Options 4. Transaction Tab 5. Change the option as pictured below ARTip02 6. You will need to Save 7. Close Sage and then open again for the changes to take affect.
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