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Sage ERP Accpac Year End Tips

Hot Tip #1 - Processing on Day 1 of a new Financial Year

Creating the New Year

On the first day of a new year you may not be ready to close your General Ledger but you will certainly want to continue processing new transactions in your submodules.

For example, you would like to continue raising sales invoices in Accounts Receivable or Order Entry.

To do this you will need to make sure that the new financial year has been created in your Fiscal Calendar so that ACCPAC is aware of the new Fiscal Periods.

To do this you must have access to the Fiscal Calendar in Common Services:

  • 1. Sage ERP Accpac
  • 2. Common Services
  • 3. Use the toolbar navigational arrow keys to move to the last fiscal Year on record
  • 4. To create the New financial year click on the “New Page” Icon
  • 5. Select Save
  • 6. The New Year has now been created.
[warning]If you are creating this prior to the new year, then make sure that you lock all the fiscal periods until required. It is very common for users to incorrectly enter financial year and periods during this transition period.[/warning]

Hot Tip #2 - Auto reversing GL Journals

If you use auto reversing journals in Period 12 of the current financial year, please note the reversing journal created will error.  This is because ACCPAC can not post to future financial years.

Once year end has been completed you will be able to post any error batches created by auto reversing journals.

Hot Tip #3 - Turn off Auto Posting

Since Sage ERP Accpac 5.4, General Ledger Batches have been able to be posted Automatically. If you have not run year end and you have not turned this feature off then all batches posted in the Submodules that relate to the new year will create error batches in the GL.

Under each sub module goto:

  • Setup > GL Integration

And change the “Create GL Transactions by” flag from “creating and posting a new batch” to Creating a new Batch.  You can change this back once year end is complete.

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