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Sage Intelligence - GL Transaction Listing and Show further Details

So many users are now starting to realise that Sage Intelligence is a valuable Tool. One of the great things about Sage Intelligence is that it provides you with the ability to drill down to view the detail of the data being returned by a formula. In list blog you will learn how to run the GL transaction Listing report and drill down further to transactions. >Intelligence Reporting >Report Manager 1 >Open Financials Folder >Open General Ledger Transaction Details 2 >Right mouse click and select Run 3   >Enter the Parameters for the report on the right hand side of the screen 4   >The following Screen will appear - which is a very useful report, many users are running a transaction listing to excel and this report produces the results in a far more functional manner 5   >To drill down further 6 >Right click on an Amount and Select  " Show Details" > A New Worksheet will open up showing more details of the entry 7 So as you can see this tool can be very powerful.   If you have further queries or want more information on Sage Intelligence then please dont hesitate to contact Stacey at stacey@ebsol.com.au.  
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