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Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting - FREE Reports suited to your Business Needs

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The Sage X3 Report Utility will allow you to select the reports you would like to download, and automatically imports them to your Report Manager module. All you need to do is download the Report Utility and follow the easy steps to select the reports you would like. These provide a great basis for you to build useful reports for your business, with minimal customization required.


Sage X3 Cash Management

Layouts included : Indirect Cash Flow and Cash Flow Detail. The report contains instructions to enable the user to easily customise the report according to their company data.

Sage X3 Financial Reports

Trend Analysis: A Trend Analysis for 2 years and 5 years for both Financial and Analytical data. The trend can be displayed by Single Account, Account Class or Account Range. Trial Balance: Layouts included : Trial Balance Debit/ Credit, Trial Balance YTD, Trial Balance Actual vs Prior, and Trial Balance Actual vs Budget vs Prior. Statement Forecast: This report is an Income Statement forecast, indicating current ratio's and projected ratio's. An additional section is added for adjustments to test What-If scenarios.

Financial Balance Sheet Forecast: This report is an Balance Sheet forecast, indicating current ratio's and projected ratio's. An additional section is added for adjustments to test What-If scenarios.

Sage X3 Inventory Stock Aging Report: This reports gives you the ability to do an age analysis based on the last purchase date of all stock items. An additional report is included to run by LOT.
Sage X3 Power View Reports
Graphical report displaying Year on Year Sales with various options for selection, including Quarterly, Monthly, per Sales Rep, and Sales Sites.

Sage X3 Purchases Reports Purchase Analysis Dashboard: Showing Worst 5 Suppliers by average days overdue on deliveries, Top 5 Product Purchases and Top 10 Products by Purchase Frequency. Purchase Dashboard:  A Purchases Dashboard displaying Top 5 Suppliers, Top 5 Products, Top 5 Countries and Top 5 Cities. Also you can slice by Sites, Supplier Categories and Product Categories. Purchase Returns Dashboard: Top 5 Purchase Returns Dashboard which focuses on purchases returned with their reason, product and supplier details.

Sage X3 Sales Reports This is a must-have for your Sales Force and Sales Management. Reports include:  Sales Dashboards, Sales Year on Year, Sales by Rep, Sales by Group, Sales by Category, Quote to Sales Conversions, Sale with Discounts, Shipping Lead Time Vs Actual, Returns Reports, Sales Orders by Project, Forecasts vs Sales by Rep. And a Sales Flash dashboard which displays total daily sales as well as sales for the specified period. The report also shows average, highest and lowest sales for the period. The top 10 Customers, Products, Cost Codes and Sales Reps are graphically displayed. 

The Sage X3 Report Utility will automatically detect which Sage accounting or business management solution you are running and show all the available free reports for your solution.

You can then select the required reports to be automatically imported into a “New Reports” folder in the Sage Intelligence Report Manager for immediate use. Once you have installed the Report Utility, a shortcut will appear on your desktop, allowing you instant access to our regularly updated library of free, additional reports.

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Contact us for more details: envisage@ebsol.com.au   +61 8 8366 6511
Disclaimer: The Report Utility offers you free, downloadable reports that are compatible with the latest version of your Sage solution that Intelligence Reporting integrates with. While our expert report designers have tested these custom reports and every effort has been made to ensure that they are error free, they are created as a value-add and have not been subject to the rigorous quality assurance that the standard Sage Intelligence reports undergo. Therefore, no support is provided for these reports.
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