MailChimp Integration for Sage CRM

Get that monkey off your back with our MailChimp integration to Sage CRM

We at Envisage are excited to announce the release of a MailChimp integration module for Sage CRM. Manage your marketing campaign from within CRM and send out a mass email through MailChimp’s email delivery platform. Segment your customers into groups, send email blasts to some new leads you’ve acquired and take advantage of MailChimp reporting tools to track who has received, opened and clicked on links in your emails. With MailChimp’s visual email designer it’s never been easier to put together an email for your marketing campaign. Choose from wide range of templates, example emails and customize your campaign to your business needs. Create MailChimp campaigns in Sage CRM Create a mailout for a group in CRM  with the click of a button. The MailChimp module will subscribe all the members of your group to your MailChimp list, create a segment in mail chimp for that group and continue to keep it up to date. Superior reporting View up to the minute information about how people are responding to your campaign both within Sage CRM and using MailChimp's detailed reports and charts. Keep Sage CRM up to date Our synchronization service will automatically keep your leads and persons synchronized in Sage CRM, creating communications for any mail outs and updating any records if they unsubscribe from your mailing list. Take advantage of MailChimp's low cost service The MailChimp platform is completely free for small mailing lists and if you are a larger business and have needs greater than their free offering can provide you can easily upgrade to a paid account. Refer to MailChimp's pricing for more detail. Fall in love with MailChimp's visual designer Quickly and easily design amazing looking emails using MailChimp's visual email builder and large library of templates.  

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