Document Optional Field Updater

Our client had a requirement where they needed to be able to modify and add optional fields to A/P and A/R documents in Sage 300 ERP - even after the documents have been posted (meaning Sage 300 no longer allows the user to modify the record!)

In a typical situation, we would never bypass the Sage business layer and write directly to the back-end database. In this case however, updating/adding optional fields to a document header is a straight-forward process (only two tables to update) and the risk in doing this (if done correctly with plenty of testing!) is non-existent.

The custom module was integrated into the Sage 300 ERP security module - so not just any user could see this inside the Sage desktop.

Some of standard Sage 300 controls were used in the design to ensure an easy to use and error-free experience was had by the end users. These included the Sage finder and Sage grid control (which allows for finders to be used at the grid cell level).

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