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SData (Seriously Good Data?)

SData has been a bit of a buzz word in the Sage community with the upcoming major version releases of Sage CRM and Sage Accpac, version 7.0 and 6.0 respectively.

SData (short for Sage Data) is a Web Services protocol based on REST.  Without going into too much detail on REST... there are basically two major players in web service standards; REST and SOAP.

The nice feature about REST is that it doesn’t require any extra middleware. You are basically doing everything via standard web URLs (The less you have to do messing around with IIS the better!)

I would guess that most people out there wouldn't have heard talk of REST anywhere near as much as SOAP, but some high-traffic web companies around the world have adopted this protocol - which puts my mind at ease at having a CRM and ERP system's traffic being moved around in this way.  To name but a few, (at the time of writing this article) all of Yahoo's web services use REST, including Flickr and both eBay and Amazon have web services for both REST and SOAP.

So how is SData going to revolutionise these products?  From Sage CRM and Sage Accpac, every Business Logic Object will be exposed via SData. This provides third party software vendors a complete Web Services interface to communicate to Sage CRM and Sage ERP Accpac (and eventually Sage ERP X3).

The following link is to a detailed SData core specification site at Sage that should satisfy any questions you may have on the topic.

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