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The difference between Sage's SageCRM MailChimp integration and ours

I have just come back from Sage Connect 2014 and during that time I was able to see Sage's MailChimp integration, which is due to come out in SageCRM version 7.3 - sometime later in 2015 (note, you can start using ours today!). As you may or may not be aware, Envisage also have a SageCRM MailChimp integration - so I was very much interested in seeing Sage's integration to see if ours would be put at the back of the shelf, forever collecting dust. It turns out that Sage's integration has far fewer features than our integration - which has inspired and rallied the developers to continue to support, enhance and champion our great module. Below is a table outlining the key differences between the Envisage SageCRM MailChimp integration and Sage's.
MailChimp Integration Feature Envisage Sage
Create MailChimp campaigns (mailouts) based on groups in SageCRMXX
Create communication entries in SageCRM for campaigns sentXX
Track unsubscribes in SageCRMXX
Drip marketingX
Continuous 2-way synchronizationX
Integrated into SageCRM Marketing moduleX
Allow users to map standard SageCRM entity fields to MailChimpX
Allow users to map user created SageCRM entity fields to MailChimpX
View campaign statistics from within SageCRMX
Keep SageCRM groups syncrhonized to any active campaigns in MailChimpX

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