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User Interface Evolution

It is no secret that web-based applications are the way of future for software. This is because users want easy access to their information 24-7.

This is no exception for ERP and CRM systems. More businesses want their financial and operational data in the same 'high availability' format and thus it is no surprise that the major software vendors in the ERP and CRM space are designing and re-designing their systems UIs to use the latest HTML5 responsive web-based formats.

I want to outline some of the changes two of the bigger ERP players have made in the last 6 months.

Sage ERP X3 version 7.0

Browser Independence - Version 7 does away with limited access!

Previous versions of X3 were only compatible with Internet Explorer, but that is no longer the case. The new version of the ERP solution was developed to be accessible through any browser, so users will be able to use their favourite one to access the solution.

Mobility - Sage ERP X3 Version 7 is Inherently Mobile

Since X3 is now browser agnostic, Sage ERP X3 Version 7 is  inherently a mobile solution. Particular focus was put to ensure that tablets and smartphones have the capacity to access the system through those devices' default browsers.

new_x3_UI   NetSuite version 2014 release 2

NetSuite has always been a web-based application due to its 'pure cloud' delivery. But there have been some big UI changes in recent releases.

Leveraging and supporting HTML5 and based on principles of modern "flat design", which emphasizes crispness and clarity, the NetSuite UI blends elegance and functionality with easy-to-read fonts, attractively redesigned icons and graphics, increased whitespace and greater aesthetic simplicity while enhancing the rich features that help distinguish the world's leading cloud business management software suite.

Overall highlights include:
  • Completely new visual design across all elements of the suite.
  • A slim, anchored navigational header that ensures quick and easy access to navigation and tools such as Global Search, Recent Records, Help, Quick Add, and Shortcuts.
  • A new global QuickAdd that enables users to rapidly add tasks, events, contacts, and more from anywhere in the product.
  • "Progressive disclosure" that conceals action prompts until mouseover for a cleaner experience.
  • An improved experience on tablets through a responsive dashboard, larger menus and controls and improved scrolling.
  • A new dashboard personalization panel that makes it easier for users to tailor the dashboard to their individual needs.
  • New iconography focused on learn-ability; greater visual consistency across all pages, pop-ups and other interface elements.
NetSuite_NewUI   Written By - Sam Daynes.
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