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Why it's valuable to spend time talking to your consultant.

Ok so your company have been using Accpac for years now, multiple users have come and gone and no one on staff has actually had any training. I ask you 'Do you really think you are getting the most out of your system?'. With remote access these days, some of our clients don't get visits from us very often, but it's these visits that are truly valuable. Sometimes the most valuable changes to a system are just made by me observing a client behaving badly. I don't mean to sound rude but you have an expensive accounting package, it's not a $300 out of the box solution. Accpac exists to make your life easier. You need to question it daily to get the most out of your system. For example yesterday I mentioned to a client 'why don't you print cheques from Accpac?',the response I got was 'because we hand write them'. Now we all had a good laugh at the time and I don't mean to offend the client but that answer is not acceptable. We are now implementing printed cheque runs. Sounds simple but this small change will make someones day easier and free up time for more pressing issues. The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results . Albert Einstein. Your accounting system is no different. The most common response I get from a client as to why they are processing something the way they are is 'that is how we have always done it'. My response is always 'that doesn't mean it is right'. I had another client recently who always mocked up an amount to balance the bank reconciliation every month. It's was probably inherited from when a clearing account used to clear the balances out but this has not been in use for years. I was on site for another issue and I questioned this and no-one could explain why it was still done. So we changed it and now bank recs can be printed out of the system alleviating the need for another report. I would find it hard to work in many organisations if I could not have input to the process. I live for looking at things and seeing if we can do it better. That's my job as a consultant to help you see through the bog of your everyday work and make it better. So next time you think you don't need us to come on site and have a chat, think again, show us a procedure that is really bugging you and let us see how the Team at Envisage could do it better, or book in for some refresher trainer to get the most our of your Accpac!. Happy Accpacing.
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